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Armorcoat Window Safety Film

Armorcoat Window Safety Films

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Safety and Security Films

Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Film from Solar Gard®

When it comes to further securing your facility’s windows and entryway glass, make an informed decision on if Armorcoat is the right application for your needs.

It seems like every day a new term is introduced into our safety language: "glass-strengthening," "bullet-resistant," "anti-intrusion," "shooter-resistant" – and the list goes on. Sadly, our current climate has those charged with security at properties throughout the country – especially school buildings – paying attention to each new technology that hits their inbox or phone screen.

As a responsible manufacturer, we feel it’s critical that the public be educated on what our Armorcoat Safety & Security Film does (and does not) do, so potentially life-saving decisions can be made with all needed information in Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Film from Solar Gard® mind. Here are some commonly asked questions to help in your research.

How does safety film work?

Armorcoat Safety & Security Film is a multi-ply polyester product that is retrofitted to existing glass and anchored to a window frame (or actual building, in some cases). Anchoring safety film is a method of securing film to the frame using a structural silicone or mechanical attachment system. While the safety film holds the shattered glass together, this anchoring system secures the film to the frame, creating an effective barrier against unwanted intruders.

We categorize our Armorcoat Series by application, recommending options with 4-7 Mil thickness for classic glass retention, vandalism deterrence, and added protection against storefront breaking and entering, and reserving the 8-14 Mil films for the most demanding security needs, including anti-intrusion and blast mitigation. These thicker products require an anchoring system to the frame or building to achieve optimum installation effectiveness.

Will it stop a bullet?

No, Armorcoat Safety & Security Film is not engineered for ballistic protection. In the case of forced entry Armorcoat has been shown to delay a potential intruder for 90 seconds by strengthening the window system, and hardening the overall building envelope.

It's incredibly important to note here that ballistic value of a window is derived ONLY from very thick glass or a combination of glass and polycarbonate, neither of which is considered standard window construction. Even the thickest of safety films should not be considered to have adequate ballistic value for protecting lives.

The International Window Film Association further supports this point with its policy language on safety and security film that clarifies its primary use as a "spall shield" on bullet-resistant glazing, designed to reduce the spalling off of small interior glass fragments in the event of ballistic penetration. The Association cautions against the irresponsible (and potentially life-threatening) implication of performance due to film application under any other conditions (different manufacturer, different glazing, different ballistics, etc.).

Is there a situation in which Armorcoat cannot be effectively installed?

Yes. The level of protection Armorcoat can provide is only as a good as the frame in which the glass is installed. When considering a security film project, it’s crucial to have your facility professionally assessed to ensure the frames can adequately support the anticipated load (especially in older or historic buildings). The last thing you want is an improperly installed system that an intruder can knock right out with the butt of a rifle.

I’m also experiencing a heat and glare issue.

Does Armorcoat offer any solar control properties?

Solar Gard is proud to offer a number of combination solar-safety film solutions, that also offer solar heat rejection benefits. Call our team today at Mr. Cool. (904) 269-0700
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