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Residential and Commercial Window Film Solutions
Orange Park and Jacksonville

Mr. Cool has been serving Orange Park for over 25 years. We have lasted this long because we use quality window files by Solar Gard, which do not fade, peal or fall apart. We stand behind our warranty and we guarantee you will be satisfied with your window tinting project.

Residential Window Film

If you are thinking about getting window films for your home, call us. Our window film doesn't void your window warranty and will last for many years.

Commercial Window Film

If you have a store front or office building that has an exposure that causes your rooms to heat up, or damages your merchandise, we can install window films that solve the problem.

Automotive Window Film

Our Automotive tints are top quality. Your car or truck can be tinted with window film that will not fade over time or change color. It will not bubble or peal off either!

Why Our Customer Choose Mr. Cool

Window Film Knowledge Mr. Cool will consistently put you together with the best film to meet your needs. Our industry has advanced significantly since its early days – in terms of both product quality and technology.

Top Quality Window Film and Tint Installation Our window film installers ensure that every window film installation done right. We make sure there are not eye-distracting faults and the window film installation is perfect to ensure years of quality viewing and product satisfaction. Since many of today’s high technology films require a higher level of installation expertise, the only way you can ensure a quality installation of those products is to deal with a company that regularly installs those products.

Prompt Installation We know that your time is precious so we install film and tinting when we say we are going to install it, every time. This allows you to make the best use of your time.

Longevity What is a warranty without longevity? If you can't find us two years from now, what is your warranty worth? NOTHING! We've been here for 20 years, we have honored our warranties for that long. Can you say that about the installers who work alongside the road or in a parking lot?

Five Myths about Window Tinting

Myth #1 – Window films make the interior of a building or home too dark.

Many years ago this may have been true, however, new modern day window films focus on specific wavelengths of light, such as infrared heat, but still allow a large portion of the visible light to be transmitted through the window.

Myth #2 – Window film is cheap, its only for old buildings and homes.

While window film does make a great addition for older buildings and homes, with single pane glass, this myth could not be farther from the truth. In fact, quite the opposite. Everyday window film is installed in newly constructed buildings and modern homes with the newest of windows.

Myth #3 – Window film will kill my house plants.

In most cases, the houseplant is already receiving enough sunlight. If the plant seems to do fine as it is, installing window film should have no effect on the plant. The plant may need time to adjust when window film is installed, so new growth or flowering may be temporarily slowed after window film installation.

Myth #4 – You can’t clean your windows after window film is installed.

Windows that have window film can be cleaned just like any other window. You would want to avoid cleaning the windows for at least 30 days right after your window film is installed to allow the window film to cure. Besides, your installation company should leave the windows spotless on the interior after an installation.

Myth #5 – Window film will cause glass to break or crack.

There are several reason why glass will crack with or without window film.

  • Thermal Stress – absorbing heat from the sun.
  • Tensile Stress – the sheer weight of glass itself.
  • Flexing Stress – such as wind.
  • Impact Stress – flying objects, rocks, golf balls, birds…
  • Twisting Stress – building structure shifting or window frame shagging.

The first reason is the only one where window film may be involved. The use of certain window films can increase the amount of heat absorbed into the glass which can cause thermal stress.

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